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Missing teeth, keeps many people from feeling their best. Missing teeth not only affects self-confidence, but it can also have a dramatic impact on the quality of life and structural integrity of the gum and jaw bone.

One solution to replace missing teeth is the use of dentures that are supported by implants. The implants allow the dentures to stay firmly in place, giving the wearer a feeling of security and stability. For many patients, implant-supported dentures eventually feel like their real teeth, allowing them to eat steak and all of their other favorite foods that require strong teeth.

In a study published in the Journal of Periodontology, researchers found that the cumulative survival rate of implant-supported dentures was 95.4 percent for 10 years. The success rate for the maxilla (upper jaw) implant supporting dentures was 87.3 percent and the mandible (lower jaw) was 99.5 percent.

Patients generally choose between a fixed or a removable implant-supported denture. A removable denture allows the patient to clean the denture more easily, whereas a fixed denture is always worn in the mouth, allowing the patient to feel like these are real teeth. Both systems have their benefits and the requirements of the patient will guide the dentist in the best recommendation.


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